About Performances by Request

The Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre holds [Regular Performances (Performance schedule available here)]
each month as well as [Performances by Request] designed to meet each customer’s needs.

Regular Performances
  • Three regular performances are typically held on two different days each month. Performance dates and times, performers, program contents and costs are determined by the Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre Promotion Committee. (One weekday, one Saturday – two performance times)
  • Performances either 90 or 50 minutes in duration.
  • Maximum of 20 guests (chair seating). Reservations typically must be made and paid for in advance.
  • Interpretation service not provided.
Performances by Request
  • Performed by “Hakata Geigi.”
    *Please contact us if you would like to request a performance by another supporting organization.
  • Performance dates and times, number of performers, and program contents tailored to meet clients’ needs.
  • Performance duration of roughly 60 minutes (reservations available from 9:00am to 6:00pm)
  • Places available: 1-25 guests (choice of either chair or zabuton floor cushion seating)
  • Interpretation service provided upon request. *Additional fee applies.
  • We also accept requests for “On-Site Performances” held in other locations such as hotels or traditional ryoutei restaurants per client request.

How to Reserve Performances by Request

If you would like to reserve a Performance by Request, please contact us via our [Contact Form] with your desired date and time, number of guests, budget (number of performers).
We will confirm performer availability and contact you as to whether we can fulfill your request.

You will then be asked to choose your desired performance program contents, and the performance will be held according to your preferences.

◯Pricing Information

Geigi (geisha) are known as either jikata or tachikata depending on their art.
Those in charge of musical accompaniment (such as the shamisen, etc.) are known as jikata whereas dance performers are referred to as tachikata.

Apprentice geisha are referred to as hangyoku and said apprentice tachikata wear extravagant furisode (long-sleeved) kimono.

Performance by Request prices vary by wardrobe and number of performers.
Please note that both jikata (musicians) and tachikata (dancers) are required for the performance to take place.

◯Available Performance Program Contents

Choose your desired performance program contents and we will work to meet your request.

If you would like to request additional performance contents other than those listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dance Performance
Come enjoy a breathtaking dance performance by the Hakata Kenban’s geigi performers, keepers of the traditional performing arts of Hakata.
Experience Zashiki Asobi
Take part in a real zashiki asobi game experience typically enjoyed at traditional ryoutei fine-dining restaurants. Losers must take a drink as a penalty, but we will use juice instead of alcohol!
Question and Answer Section
Go ahead and ask the geigi anything you are curious about! Get up close and personal with the performers in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Souvenir Photos
Take souvenir photos with the geigi in their beautiful kimono. Either group or individual photos are okay!
Dance Lesson
Get up on stage and take a lesson first hand from the Hakata geigi themselves.
Dance Quiz
There is a specific meaning behind each movement in this traditional dance. Try to guess the meaning behind each of the geigi’s movements!

Past Performances

Since its opening, the Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre has organized a number of performances at the request of groups from both within Japan and abroad. Below are some examples of past clients for your reference.

  • Singapore Middle School for Girls – Dance Club Members [Number of participants: 14]
  • RWC2019 Product Design Tour (England Travel Industry) [Number of participants: 2]
  • European Mass Media Invitation Project “Kyushu Premium Tour”
    : England (three companies including Marie Claire), France (three companies including Le Monde)
    Travel writer for Major European Media Online Edition [Number of participants: 6]
  • Fukuoka Prefecture Experiential Program – Development Project FAM Trip [Number of participants: 14]
  • Tourism and business committee “Tourism Matching” FAM Trip [Number of participants: 4 from China, South Korea, Thailand, and Japan]
  • Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Businesswomen’s Club [Number of participants: 23]

General Information

Please see the following PDF (English) for more information.