About the Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre

The Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre is a new tourist location across from Kushida Shrine, the local Shinto deity of Hakata, where visitors can experience Hakata’s traditional culture.

This facility also serves as the Hakata Kenban (geisha management office) and as a rehearsal area.

Ticket Sales

Performance tickets can be purchased online through the centre’s website.

Available payment methods include bank transfer and PayPal (credit card).


Choose performance
Choose your desired performance from the performance information section.


Complete reservation form

Click the “Reserve” button from the performance details page.

Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the required fields.
Click “Reserve” and you will be taken to the confirmation page.

If all information is correct click the “Reserve” button once more.
You will receive a reservation confirmation email from the centre.

You can choose to pay by either bank transfer or PayPal.


Check in on the day of the performance
On performance day, simply give the Hakata Traditional Performing Arts Centre reception staff your name for admission to the facility.